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The Scrolls of Gloucester

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2008
12:08 pm - NEVER Threaten Family

We get done with shit, and are chilling, when the newbies find a problem.  Healing Heart gives Trick a call - and she's talking to Pure.

So Trick,  T-Bone, Steel Claw, Whispers (who doesn't need eyes to see apparently), and I all roll down.  T-Bone, he goes and gets "Verizon" and sets up next door.

I take point.

It's Blackhawk's kid.  Sitting there with a wolfsbane blunt smoking away.  Him and his little "pack" of fuckin' Amberzombi and Bitch wearin' wiggers. 

So, Blackhawk's kid is all "The Library is our turf.  You fuckers are in our turf"

I just smirk.  As I said to Whispers "Ain't their turf inside ours?  That means they owe us for usin' the Toll Road"

"They have to cross our turf to get to work" Whispers replies.

And with that, one of the noobs grabs his boiling hot tea and tosses it in Jr's lap.  Which makes him pull out his crotch gun.  And yes, they're all carrying crotch guns.  (DUMB!)

Only the guns are loaded with silver.  I call him on it for being an honorless fuck and Jr's response? "Honor is overrated"

I want that shit getting back to the rest of the Ivory Claws.  They're gonna have a fuckin fit with that.

Then Blackhawk's kid, he goes into a tear against first Knucks (which I swear Steel Claw was gonna throat him) then my family.

"Comeau.  We know where you and the rest of you fuckin loberin rats live."

That's when T-Bone blew his hand, the one holding the gun - to smitherines.  Seems pure can't regenerate any better than we can with that wolfsbane shit in the air. 

Now, at that point I SCREAM at him.  "YOU EVER so much as LOOK at my family,  I'LL FEED YA to the FUCKIN LOBSTERS!"

Whispers adds in the Family Motto.  "Don't Start Nothin', Won't Be Nothin'."

Didn't tell him, but it was too fuckin late.  They started already.  I was finishin.

"Get out.  This ain't yer Turf.  I'll even be kind.  Get the fuck out now, and I won't fuckin use you for Lobster chum."

Jr curses at me.  "Go fuck you-"

Steelclaw cracks him upside the head with the gun.  Forgot to mention that you don't crack a guy with a GSW to the head upside the head.  Brains tend to go out of the skull.  Which is what happened.  Jr's dead.

I look at his two ass-buddy hip-gangster-wannabes and tell them to get the fuck out of my sight.  They run off with their tails between their legs.

And Jr?

Me and T-Bone cleaned shit up nice.  Nobody will find Jr.  Nobody but the Lobsters that is.

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Monday, August 27th, 2007
10:11 am - Quiet Heroics

Sundays around here are never quiet.  First my dad has me up half the fuckin morning scraping barnacles off the bottom of one of the boats.  I could shift to Garou and rip his fuckin head off, but I can’t face my papa down.  I don’t even tell my pack this.  I’d never hear the end of it, likely.


Shellgame has my scrolls.  On one side, it’s kinda a relief that they’re with someone trustworthy.  He put them in his safe.


On the other hand it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done.  Those scrolls are my fucking HISTORY.  My Story.  And he’s got a hold of them. 


The day was like any other.  Woogie in the woods, people calling up spirits to fuck with us.  Scar getting jumped by a bunch of folks, one of which said “Claudia and the Family are going to be pissed at us” 


Me? I dozed.  Alpha wasn’t letting me play in Reindeer games after all.  It’s ok.  I didn’t mind. 


So when Whispers came in all grr face and ready to beat Trick down fer sitting in his seat, I knew something was up.  And when after a few moments sitting there looking like he was gonna go Deathrage he jumped up and slipped through shadow, I did what any pack member would do.  I followed.  Best I get ta write his story, worst I pull his ass from the fire. 


We end up in the Rusty Chain.  My sort of place.  It’s a fuckin dive.  Lobstermen all over, including a table of my cousins just in from the haul.  I go sit with them while Whispers goes and sits at the bar.


Now, I love whispers like a brother.  But he does look like one o’ those whiny emo fucks ya see on WB.  ‘Cept Whispers got reason to be all emo – he sees shit.


Anyways, this beefy jock asshole – Frank Munder, Captain of the “Lucky Bitch” – goes up to Whispers and starts giving him shit.  I start makin bets with my cousins as to who would win.


Thing is, I didn’t think Whispers could win without poppin Dalu.  I was so fuckin glad ta be wrong.  He was brutal.  Knee to the groin, fist to the gut. Then he grabbed a cold beer and starts smashin the fuckers face in with it.  Frank goes down hard.  Whispers starts doin the Clockwork Orange Curbstomp, except he ain’t singin.  That would have been fuckin funny.


Nosy shows up then and pulls us out of there (good timing too, the cops were gonna be pissed about this one.) 


So it seems that Nosy, simple, sweet nosy had gone off to track the last of the Made Man’s Silver coins.  And that Iago had it in his pocket.  So what does little Nosy do? 


She nicks it.  Right out of Iago’s pocket.


That gives us an opportunity like no other.  We can free the Made Man, and get rid of that fucking puss-in-boots asshole.  T-Bone, he’s got a plan.  But he makes it clear, we let him take what’s comin, cause otherwise it won’t work.


Iago was not kind.  He slit Made Man’s throat.  He ruined T-Bone.  But T-Bone wouldn’t back down.  Kept forgivin Iago, which just pissed him off more.  And the rest of us, in the background, chanting “No Judas” over and over.  Iago, he.


He killed T-Bone.


Shellgame lost it then.  Shoved those 30 silver in the damn Cat’s face.  Made him realize he cheated the damn game.  That he had broken the game and his ban.  The lunes were in on the fucking game.  They called in the City Father’s marker and had Iago destroyed.


Meantime, We’re trying to save T-bone. But he’s gone.  I’d have sworn it on a stack of fuckin Bibles.  Nosy and Whispers though, they did somethin’ different.  They started callin the Made Man.  Givin him their essence. 


And damned if he don’t wake up.  Even gave us back T-Bone somehow.  1 in a million chance Jacob said, ta heal T-Bone.  But the fucker DOES it. 


So later, we get to resting, and Shellgame decides we need ta do Honors.  Whispers gets Wisdom cause of shit he did in Colorado.  Important shit, and it’s a good story.  But I can’t help but be thinking that the Mountain was missing it’s blizzard.  I don’t even know where that came from.


Nosy gets rewarded for stealin the coin.  Darlin get’s renamed Healing Heart, and is now part of the Warders (formally the Lost Causes)


And me?  I’m sitting there getting more and more pissed cause I’m so jealous.  It’s not a good thing ta be jealous of your own pack.  But I was.  I wanted my name.  I wanted to prove I was fuckin useful.


Guess somebody up there heard me.  Next thing I know, I’m being grabbed by Scars of Sacrifice and carried over ta Shellgame.


They noticed that I had gone after Whispers.  They noticed that I’m always goin after ours when they walk off upset, or being stupid.  But that’s what you do!  Yer pack goes ta do the dumb shit, and you back their play.


But it was enough, Shellgame said.  I kept doin’ it.  I always do it.  So they named me.


Watcher’s Eye.  Cause I watch my pack, and keep them out of trouble.


Well, as best as one can hope ta do.


We are the Family after all.

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Friday, August 3rd, 2007
11:19 pm - New Icon goodness
Admitted, I don't post much.  But I have new Icon Goodness I needed to share.

Oh, and if this is what people get for not paying for an account - wow shit's gone south.  This used to be a nice system....

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
2:42 am - View of the Family
Shellgame - Ithaeur I.M. and Alpha of the Pack.  You would almost think that Shellgame was Elodoth like me, the way he takes the balance of things in consideration.  But it's his shaman way.  Thanks to the Pure, the lands of Gloucester are hurting.  He makes it better any way he can. He reminds me of that anime character - Xellos, the Trickster Priest. 

T-Bone - Calliath I.M and First Beta of the Pack.  T-Bone is all that a Calliath should be.  His tongue not just spins silver, but makes the tale dance.  For as irreverent an asshole he can be to others, When it comes time to tell tales, he shows the telling the respect it deserves.  I may remember the stories, but he makes them dance. He put it best.  He's the fast-hand and the conman to Shellgame's slow-hand. 

Scars of Sacrifice - Rahu I.M and Second Beta of the pack. Ex-politician.  I can totally see him being Wilson Fisk, moving the chess pieces and controlling the board from the shadows.  It suits him better than the limelight.  He's often the voice of reason to Shellgame and T-Bone's plots.  He's also the straight-man to their cons.

Whispers - Ithaur Bone Shadow.  I knew of this kid in school.  Dropped out a while back.  Know why now.  He had changed.  He's a lore-keeper type like me.  But for him it's all about the spirits.  He's also a prophet of some sort.  Knows when shit's going down.  That makes him really powerful and a little scary.  I think he knows that though.

Knuckles - Rahu I.M.  If it needs fucking up, she's the one who does it.  Bare handed like.  She's a nasty she-wolf who barely fits into a human skin at times.  But she's also the mother-like of the pack.  A bitch mother who beats her kids, sure.  But I see it.

Nosy - Irraka Hunter in Darkness.  I get the rythym that her story is full of sorrow sometimes.  Nd when I look in her eyes I see a very simple soul for one of the People.  Some would say she's not too bright.  I'd tell them to fuck off.  She's plenty bright - just not in human terms.  Where Nucks barely fits into her skin, Nosy fits it fine, but doesn't belong.  She belongs in wolf form out in the woods.  Also, Nosy is the BEST TRACKER EVER.  She can find a fuckin diamond in a cooler of ice if you needed it.  She's the little sister of the Family.

Ian Twoshadows - Rahu Hunter in Darkness.  He's more new to the Family than I am.  But he's also been there for a long time.  WHen we were smugglin shit in and out, it was Ian who got it to the border.  They say he fought a mountain spirit.  But to me, he's still Summer People.  Which means he's gotta prove himself.

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Monday, April 30th, 2007
12:24 pm - On losing an eye

People ask how Connor lost his eye.  Well let me tell you how it happened. 

The summer of his 15th year, Conner and his friends Jimmy and Matt were just hanging out near the old park.  Lot of little kids tended to play in that park, often accompanied by their older siblings or mothers– and of course in that heat everyone was wearing bikinis, which was part of why Connor and his friends were there in the first place.  Unfortunately, a new group of roughs from the city (summer folk, people call them) decided that year that it was a perfect day to pick on the little kids. 

Well Connor and his friends didn’t take to that.  No sir, they didn’t take to it one bit.  They went up to those toughs to get them to back off. Now, most of the toughs were a few years older than Connor and his boys, and the toughs outnumbered them two to one.  But there was always something fearless in Connor.  Like a dog with a bone, or a wolf on a scent.  And Connor’s friends were either as loyal as a wolfpack, or a little dumb.  Either way, there was a fight like most folks in these parts haddn’t seen. 

It would have been alright too, if the leader of the damn Summer kids didn’t pull a knife in the middle of the fight.  Then it stopped being alright.  By the time it was all through, Jimmy ended up so cut up that no girl in her right mind would kiss him and Matt wasn’t ever gonna walk right again.  And Connor?  He lost his left eye – plucked clean out.  But they were still able to walk away when it was done.  Them summer boys?  They had to be carried away.  And none of them ever returned to Gloucester.

That's my story, and I'm stickin to it.

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